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Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Do It Now" Mindset

So enjoying Margaret being here! We've talked and laughed, had high tea, played Settlers of Catan...

On to our blog. Let's talk about clutter, shall we?

The "Do It Now" Mindset

Since this is still National Clutter Awareness Week, let's address clutter once again. Adopt the "Do It Now" mindset.

- Instead of putting something down, telling yourself you'll put it away later, put it away now.

It probably only takes a few steps and a few seconds. Even if it takes more than a few steps, you're moving which is a good thing.

By adopting this mentality, you'll be saving yourself long spells of decluttering.

And your surroundings will be clutter-free.

And you'll feel light-hearted because of it!

- Instead of letting your cleaning stack up, do it as you go.

Wipe off the bathroom sink each morning as you finish your morning routine.

Wash or rinse dishes as you cook. Wipe kitchen counters when you make a mess. By doing so, things don't get hardened, making cleaning harder and more time consuming.

If you notice a room needs to be dusted, get out your duster and do it now. It will probably take less than five minutes, and it will be done!

Clean during commercials or when you're on the phone. Then you don't have to designate as much time for concentrated cleaning.

- Don't let laundry build up to massive proportions.

Have sorting baskets in your bedroom for each color (see blog below).

Do a load when a basket gets full.

Dry it when you will be around so you will be able to take clothing out of the dryer immediately, saving time, wrinkles, ironing, or more drying.

- Read a magazine or newspaper and toss it.

How quickly these items produce clutter! If you haven't read today's paper, It's likely you won't read old news tomorrow. Or if there's one section you want to read, toss the rest. But give yourself a deadline - if you haven't read it in three days, for example, toss it.

When you read a magazine, tear out the pages you want to keep and toss the rest of the magazine. File the pages or insert them into page protectors in categorized notebooks so you can find them easily.

Don't create more clutter with torn-out pages lying around - file them now!

So here are a few ways to reduce your clutter, save time, and make your surroundings more pleasant. Try the "Do It Now" philosphy!

What do you "do now" to reduce the clutter in your home? If you'd like to comment and receive this blog via email, use this http://1-2-3getorganized.blogspot.com">link.

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