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Monday, April 22, 2013

Organizing Products I Use - Under-the-Sink Drawers

I had so much fun maximizing the space in our new home! One product that has been especially efficient is a set of under-the-sink drawers for my bathroom. Our cabinets are tall and the space under the sink would have been wasted without some organizing help.

Organizing Products I Use - Under-the-Sink Drawers @ 1-2-3GetOrganized.com/blogI found the perfect solution: the Bronze Mini Stackable Cabinet Organizer from Seville Classics. I bought four, two for each cabinet under our double sinks. I measured under both sinks, but didn't realize that the plumbing was placed in a slightly different place under my husband's sink - a little more forward from the wall, making it impossible for the drawers to fit depthwise. My mistake! So disappointed, but I found some other organizing solutions for under his sink which make him happy.

Organizing Products I Use - Under-the-Sink Drawers @ 1-2-3GetOrganized.com/blogI knew it was going to be a very tight fit under my sink. In fact, for the last step of building the drawers, I had to twist them diagonally, and insert them into the space before adding the top shelf and inserting the drawers. But they fit!

The drawers are adjustable so you can create heights that work for the products you use. I chose one drawer for the things I use frequently - skin and hair products.

Another drawer contains first aid supplies and over-the-counter meds. My blow drier rests on one of the shelves, and so on. Plastic liners come with the unit so small things don't fall through the wires.

Organizing Products I Use - Under-the-Sink Drawers @ 1-2-3GetOrganized.com/blogSo what to do with the other two shelves? They didn't fit under the guest bathroom sink or the kitchen sink. But there was a perfect spot in my pantry - a little corner between the steel shelves and the wall where I could place the drawers at a diagonal.

I stacked the units (there's a connector included to make them sturdy), and store potatoes, onions and garlic in one large drawer, snacks in the other drawers, and large plastic bowls on top. I'm so pleased to be able to use that small space so efficiently!

I can't wait to show you some of the other products I'm using in my new house to get the most out of my storage space!

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