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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wireless Etiquette

It's important to use your time well, but there are limits! Never do you want to cross the line from efficient to rude, showing a lack of appropriate boundaries.

Tom Musbach listed the results of a survey by Yahoo!HotJobs (www.hotjobs.com) in which respondents ranked wireless and work/life balance misbehavior from worst to least aggravating:

"1. Accepting a personal call while in a meeting or presentation
2. Answering the phone or emails while at a business dinner
3. Talking on the phone while in the bathroom
4. Talking on the phone while in close quarters (such as a train, plane, or bus)
5. Answering a work call or email during personal time after work hours."

By turning off your phone during a meeting or appointment, it shows respect and is actually more efficient. If you take a call, it wastes time by interrupting the flow of the meeting, not to mention the time of the person(s) waiting for you to finish or having to recap what was discussed in your absence.

How are your boundaries? Any wireless etiquette advice you'd like to offer?