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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking for Some Creative Mother's Day, Graduation, and Wedding Gifts?

Mother's Day, Graduation, and Wedding season is upon us! We have created several interesting packages for each of these occasions so you can do all your gift buying in one location. There is something for every price range.

For Mother's Day, we're featuring three books written by Ann Champeau on writing your life story and writing a family cookbook. There are also beautiful notecards which I love and use all the time. Their envelopes are velum, so you can see the designs through them! And we have a package including my Planning Dinner Workbook plus Hassle Free Dinners for moms who want to streamline dinner yet serve great meals.

For Graduation, we're featuring combinations of my Time Management for the College Student, Planning Dinner, and an audio interview featuring Maria Pascucci from Campus Calm University and myself on the topics of procrastinating, time management, and other pertinent subjects.

For Wedding gifts, we offering packages of several of my books to help newlyweds set up an organized household. The same books will work for college graduates, too!

So, why buy a boring gift? Buy something unusual and useful and life-changing! www.1-2-3GetOrganized.com.