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Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting Rid of Guilt-Producing Expectations

Have some well-meaning people given you gifts that don't relate to your interests, skills, or priorities? Sometimes people give gifts they would love to have themselves rather than study their recipient's desires. Without meaning to, they may have piled some guilt onto you. 

Or you may have those in your life who think you need to know how to do certain things and provide you with the associated tools. They may not care if you want to do those things, but are imposing their own expectations on you.

Or you may have bought these items yourself because you "should" use them, thereby heaping expectations on yourself.

- You may have received craft items from an artsy person, when you think you're doing well to draw stick figures. 

- Or some do-it-yourself tools when your typical DIY outcome is to glue your fingers together with super glue. 

- Or you may have purchased fancy gardening gadgets because you feel you should have curb appeal like HGTV, but you really hate gardening.

If items around your house produce guilt because you think you "should" use them, but they just don't fit with who you are, get rid of them! Someone out there would love to have those things that are oppressing you!

Life is too short to be bound by yours or someone else's unrealistic expectations!

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