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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Laudry Room Tips from Woman's Day

I came across the following laundry room tips in a Woman's Day article and thought they were helpful. 

• Stack plastic see-through shoeboxes or bins on a shelf with small laundry aids such as bleach pens, laundry markers and stain removers
• Use lazy Susans on shelves to make starch, suede cleaner and other seldom-used laundry items more convenient to grab. 

• Place a small bowl or basket near the washing machine to catch stray buttons, coins and anything else you find in pockets.

• Utilize unused space by placing hooks on the wall to hold hangers or a bag for dry-clean-only items.

• Mount a retractable clothesline or accordion drying rack on the wall, or use a tension rod set high in a door frame for hanging drip-dry items.

• Keep a trash can handy so you’ll always remember to clean the dryer’s lint screen.

• Store messy items such as detergent and bleach bottles in plastic bins or dish pans to catch drips and residue. If you buy extra-large containers at warehouse clubs, transfer to smaller jugs so they’re more manageable. And keep extra laundry supplies in your bulk storage area.

• Keep hampers near where each family member undresses. If there's space, a sectioned hamper in the laundry room makes sorting easier. 

• Hang an organizer to hold your iron and ironing board over a door or on the wall. If space is limited, consider a wall-mounted ironing board."

Photo: Anthony-Masterson/Getty Images

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