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Friday, June 24, 2011

Disposing of Paint Responsibily


As you declutter your garage or storage area, you may find some old paint you want to get rid of. Our local recycling center recommends the following for disposing of latex paint responsibly.

"Dried out Latex Paint (water-based) is an acceptable item for curbside trash.  To solidify follow these simple instructions:
  • Mix absorbent material (i.e. cat litter, sawdust, shredded newspaper) into paint and allow mixture to dry thoroughly.  Use a 50/50 mixture to ensure the quickest dry time; or 
  • Let the paint dry out.  Simply remove the lid and sit the paint can in a well-ventilated area (this works best for small quantities of paint); or
  • Pour thin layers (about 1" of paint) into a disposable pie plate or cardboard box lined with plastic and allow the paint to dry one layer at a time.  Repeat the process until all the paint is dry.
  • Once paint is dry, leave the lid off the can and place in your regular trash.
  • Recycle the steel cans!  
  • Place dried paint in box or plastic grocery bag to throw it out."
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