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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Product Review of Organizers - The Planner Pad

The Planner Pad is not your average schedule book. Instead of the usual two pages for a week’s schedule, there is so much more on those two pages!

The top third of the page is dedicated to “Weekly Lists of Activities by Categories”. This becomes your master to-do list. Instead of a long grocery list of to-dos, there are seven separate lists spread out horizontally. It is conducive to grouping like activities together under a single category.

The next third is for your daily to-do list. As you prioritize your master list according to importance and urgency, you determine which day that activity will be done and enter it on the corresponding daily to-do list.

The bottom third is for appointments and designated times you want to accomplish your daily to-dos. The three categories act as a funnel, helping you list everything that is on your mind, pick out the priority items, and schedule them. So by the time you have put them on your schedule, you have sifted through your list for the highest priority activities for that week.

Each week also includes a list for notes and calls and a list for expenses. A small monthly calendar for that month, the previous one, and the next month are shown for easy reference.

The Planner Pad has a section for important phone numbers, a one page three-year calendar, an expanded three-year calendar with room to jot down plans and events, a three-year list of holidays, a time zone map, pages for notes, and pages for goals and projects. The scheduling pages for each month are preceded by a month-at-a-glance calendar for that month.

The Planner Pad comes with a 20-30 minute audio CD which introduces the Planner Pad and its funnel system, presented by Gary Parker, the owner of Planner Pads. Not only does he walk you through the use of the Planner Pad, but he gives you time management tips and other planning pointers. Written instructions are also included to help you get started.

The Planner Pad includes 53 weeks of schedules, which can start in January, April, June, or October. The two sizes are executive and personal and cost $25.95 and $24.95 respectively. To purchase the Planner Pad go to www.PlannerPad.com.