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Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Local Opportunity to Get Prepared - CPR Anytime Class

CPR techniques will be offered by The American Heart Association on September 30 from 6 - 7:30 pm at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium. The City of Cuyahoga Falls, MC Hair Consultants, and Valley Savings Bank are co-sponsoring this free event.

Participants will receive a CPR Anytime Kit including a practice DVD, a personal inflatible CPR mannequin, and a CPR booklet. They will also hear from people who have been saved by CPR and AED.

Free Local Paper Shredding

Have some sensitive documents you need to shred? The Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority and Neoshred Inc. are partnering to offer free confidential paper shredding for Summit County communities through September 26.

Shredding will be available by appointment only from 9 am to 3 pm at Neoshred, located at 621 Tallmadge Avenue, Akron. Call 330-253-8260 to schedule your appointment.

You are asked to remove binder clips, rubber bands, hanging file folders, binders, paperclips, and report covers. Shredded material will be recycled into tissue paper and paperboard.

What a wonderful way to get rid of your excess paper!

National Preparedness Month - Emergency Kit #8 - Emergency Documents

Are you ready to get back to National Preparedness Month? When I actually looked back over my blogs, I wasn't that far behind, but it was nice to take a break.

Today's topic is rather time consuming, so prepare yourself! It helps if you have a printer that is a copier, as a lot of our work will be copying documents.

I keep thinking about the Ike victims and how life must be upside down for them! Today's topic is very applicable to such disasters - having copies of important documents at your fingertips. Doing this and the things we've been talking about would make having to go through such a time a tiny bit easier, I think.

When we plan for an emergency, we need to plan for the worst. That would include loss of property and God forbid, loss of life of a loved one. To prepare for recovery following an emergency, it is important to have documents that will facilitate that recovery.

Homeland Security suggests copying the following documents, placing them in a waterproof container, and storing them in your emergency kit:
- family records
- medical records
- wills
- deeds
- social security number and contact information
- charge account numbers, expiration dates, and contact information
- bank account numbers and contact information
- tax records for the last five years
- medical insurance information
- Medicare cards and contact information
- the style and serial number of medical devices or other life-sustaining devices (include operating information and instructions)
- contact information of your medical providers
- the names and contact information of your support network (we’ll talk about your support network soon)
- if you have a communication disability, make sure your emergency information notes the best way to communicate with you.
- my addition: the name and phone number of your insurance carriers, lawyer

I would suggest keeping another copy in your safe deposit box, one in your safe, and giving a copy to a family member.

Any documentation we're missing?

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Source: National Preparedness Month