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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summertime Tips

I found these summertime tips while browsing through magazines recently and thought you might enjoy them.

"I slice up lemons and limes and freeze them in ice cube trays along with some water. When it's time to serve refreshments, they're a festive addition to drinks.
" Fina Guido, Haledon,NJ family circle june 09 p. 18

"When I travel with my family I make portable pillows out of 2-gallon resealable plastic bags. I blow into them to inflate and then slide them into a t-shirt or pillowcase. They're perfectly comfy for the car or plane and don't take up space in our suitcases."
Laura Roscoe, Patrick, SC family circle june 09 p. 18

"I keep a cooler in the trunk of my car to store cold or frozen items that I buy at the grocery store. It allows me to continue running errands without worrying that my perishables will spoil." Denise Ehret, Collingswood, NJ family circle june 09 p. 18

"Cold compost - "I keep a plastic container in my freezer at all times. When I cut fruit and vegetables or crack eggs, I add all my scraps to it.The compost bin is handy, out of sight and doesn't smell up the kitchen. Carrie Elsass, Conway, AR Family Circle, June 2009, p. 101.

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