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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Get Organized Month - Declutter a Bookcase

Choose a bookcase in your house or office that needs help. Before touching it, determine your vision for that bookcase. What is its purpose, what do you want to belong in that bookcase? Once you have determined your vision, it is simple to sort through the books to see if they fit your vision.

As you sort, if you find books that don't fit your vision, ask yourself if they are more appropriate somewhere else or if you want them at all. Are there people or organizations you know who would benefit from your unwanted books? If so, bag or box them up and label them accordingly.

For those books you want to keep, determine if they belong in this bookcase. If they do, how will you organize them - according to topic, author, something else?

If there are books you want to keep but not in this location, decide where they need to live and take them there, even if it means making that location a little messy for the time being. If you have the time and energy, declutter that location, starting with your vision and repeating the process.

If you have very many bookcases, this could take on a life of its own!! Stop when you have run out of time, energy, or vision. Add it to your to do list on a day when you think you'll be ready to tackle it again.

Stand back and admire your handiwork - a bookcase with vision! How special.