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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Organizing the Garage - A Little at a Time, Part 2

Our first attempt at the garage removed several things: recyclables, donated items, and trash. 

Since then, we found more items to donate and loaded the car again! 

Today's task: create functional areas. The functional areas in our garage are: 

- tools and such located in a work area in the corner of the garage.

- garden area located in an old cabinet with open shelves on the top and shelves with doors on the bottom.

- toys are kept on a metal shelving unit and in a plastic container. The plastic container holds those items we may want to transport easily - basketballs, footballs, frisbees, etc.

- gasoline and other hazardous materials in locked cabinets.

- long-term and miscellaneous storage on built- in shelves.

- wall storage where we keep snow shovels, rakes, a regular shovel, broom, etc. 

- bikes used often.

- bikes used less frequently.

Some things to consider when choosing functional areas: 

1. Make seasonal items more accessible now and off-season items less accessible. For example, move your snow blower to the back of the garage and bring the mower, etc. closer to the door in the summer.

2. Make prime real estate (middle areas - not real high and not real low) where you keep the things you use the most. Long-term storage can go on the uppermost shelves, as you won't be needing it, for example. 

3. Think through where each task is best done. Do you require electricity? Is there adequate lighting? 

Don't think about storage yet - wait until you know what you need to store, first.

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