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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Because You've Decluttered Doesn't Mean It's Going to Stay That Way

Happy election day! After voting, I'm going to take our four foster daughters shopping for their monthly clothing allowance since they are out of school. Instant insanity!?! Hopefully it will be a fun time together. :) On to our post for today ...

Decluttering is a huge job well done! But unless you have a system in place to maintain your clutter-free area, it will soon be piled up with clutter again. Here are a few suggestions:

First of all, make sure everything has a place. Not having a place for everything is the easiest way to accumulate clutter.

Next, make a deal with yourself not to drop things when you come in the door. Even though you're tired, take the extra five minutes to put things away. 

Third, don't procrastinate: putting away laundry, emptying and/or filling the dishwasher, sorting the mail, etc. These jobs left undone create clutter in a hurry.

Fourth, make a sweep through the house before you go to bed. Mornings are so much more pleasant when they start clutter-free!

Next, ask others in your family to adopt the previous habits.

And finally, evaluate. Even with the previous steps in place, are there areas that are still tripping you up? Figure out what the problem is and come up with a solution. 

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