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Monday, August 18, 2008

Are the Olympics Causing Road Rage?

I’m suffering from sleep deprivation. Each night I think, “I won’t stay up tonight to watch the entire Olympics.” Then my husband turns on the TV and I become immersed in (get it?) watching Michael Phelps make history by winning 8 gold medals and setting 7 world records, cheering on Dora Torres competing at age 41, witnessing the women’s gymnastics team win gold and silver in the all around – a first ever. I can’t believe I watched the entire women’s marathon! What is this magnetic hold the Olympics has on me?

I noticed I was rather grouchy on Friday and started wondering if there is more road rage on the East Coast due to the Olympics. Are there more cases of aggression, abuse and assault? When the Olympics ends after midnight on some nights (close to 1 am on the night of women’s gymnastics), what is the effect on those living in the Eastern time zone? Do we have a whole region of the United States living on frayed nerves?

But, hey. You need to experience those special events at times. No matter how organized and scheduled you are, you need to throw it out the window every once in a while and witness history or make memories.

When we lived in Kenya, the Safari Rally came through our little town of Kericho. At 2 am. The Safari Rally is considered by many to be the toughest rally in the world. My husband felt like this was an experience our girls should not miss. So he rousted them out of bed and took them to the main road, where they sat on the hood of our car in their pajamas watching the racers pass by.

Sleep is a wonderful and necessary thing. Having a workable schedule is essential to accomplishing your goals and leaving a meaningful legacy. But being spontaneous, making memories, and experiencing history-in-the-making energizes your life! Then, take a nap.