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Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Way to Streamline Your Morning Routine

Yesterday I was swapping out my summer and winter clothes, even through we got a couple of inches of snow last week! I'll still keep my winter clothes handy in my closet, but less accessible than summer and spring clothing. 

This week is very busy as I have a coaching client I meet with each day, I'm a part-time executive assistant for the president of a local corporation and I have a speaking engagement tonight.

Your week is probably packed, too, so you might want to try what I did yesterday. I went through my clothes and chose my outfits for the entire week. As I had some of my summer clothes folded, I needed to toss some wrinkly ones in the drier and iron some others. 

You may want to do the same thing for your children, if applicable - not toss them in the drier, but help them choose outfits for the week. If they are old enough, they can do it for themselves. 

While you are at it, choose accessories and shoes for each outfit. Your kids can do the same - even place underwear and socks with each outfit. 

What a nice way to start the week and make mornings go more smoothly!

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