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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preserving and Organizing Your Child's Memorable Moments

I came across the following article and thought the ideas were fabulous! 

"New Haven, Conn (WTNH) - Organizing Expert Lisa Lelas joined GMC Weekend to talk about preserving and organizing memorable moments for each stage of your child's life.

As parents, we know how quickly our children grow up.
By organizing and preserving some memorable moments at each stage it's easy to create beautiful heirlooms they will cherish long into adulthood.

· Weekly Photo Book of their first year! Take a picture every week during their first year, on the same day of the week your child was born. Place them, in order, in a 52 page mini-photo-album. Have it out as a conversation piece at his first birthday party for relatives. Flip the pages and watch your baby grow right before your eyes!
· Nursery wall frame of baby's first year. Place a photo of each month during the first year into a special frame with 12 cut-outs.
· Frame a newsworthy poster. Websites available to order posters depicting a collection of important events the year your child was born. Great for framing!

· Create a Time Capsule: Archive newspapers and headlines from the day your child was born by starting a Time Capsule, containing important newsworthy items for your child throughout their childhood…such as a copy of a local newspaper from the day they were born, a national magazine from the month they were born, and other important world headlines, such as clipping from the day a new President takes office, or a favorite entertainer passes (such as Micheal Jackson), and so on.
· Keep a guest book for each important event during your kids' childhood. Guests can sign in at each birthday, bar mitzvah…and even their wedding day, should they so choose!
· Keep a collection of favorite quotes & moments. Using a hat box or an empty clear container, keep those priceless quotes and memories by writing them down on index cards, dating them and dropping them into the container. Fun for kids and parents to reach in and read aloud as the kids grow up. (Use a different color card for each child, if more than one in the family).
· Start a Birthday Scrapbook. Starting with their actual 'birth' day, use 2 pages per year to decorate with birthday party memories each year thereafter.

· Friendship scrapbooks. Help your teens by starting a photo scrapbook when they are younger with various friends & neighbors they had throughout their younger years and encourage them to continue the pages through their teen years when their BFF's are their most important commodity!
· Encourage teens to create a Vision Board. A simple poster depicting pictures of their dreams…whatever they may be at the time…from their ideal home someday to their dream job or dream travel destinations. It has been proven to assist kids with developing a positive attitude and actually keep them focused on the future when they can actually 'see' their dreams hanging in their bedrooms!

For more tips visit www.LifeStylingwithLisa.com"