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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Organized Month - Organize Your Receits

It's a good time to start getting your receits in order for taxes and closing out 2007. If you have been filing your receits in separate categories, you are way ahead of the game!!

If not, and your receits from 2007 are in a box, a drawer, a file or a paper bag, it's time to take them out and look at them. Anything that doesn't relate to taxes, a product receit you might need in the future, repair/improvements to your house, or other categories you deem important can be discarded once it has cleared your credit card statement successfully. Make sure you shred anything with sensitive information on it - credit card numbers, social security numbers, account numbers, pin numbers, banking info, etc.

Separate your important receits into categories that relate to your life. Total categories that relate to taxes and list your totals - on a spreadsheet, on your computer, on a piece of paper or in another way you prefer. This may take you a while to complete this task, but if you start now you won't be stressed when tax time comes around.

If you haven't filed your receits for this year, create a few hanging files, file folders, or use an expandable file to store your receits for 2008. Use a software program to track your expenses, if that is something you feel comfortable doing.

Good job done!!