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Monday, July 15, 2013

Organizing Summer Fun When Everyone is Bored - Water Spoons

Everyone is bored and you are brain dead when trying to come up with something fun to do. We were taught this game by some dear friends and we have played it with our kids and their friends, our foster daughters and their friends, and more! It's always good for a laugh!

Water spoons was originally a drinking game, but we do the watered down version (argh!).

It's like regular spoons except:

- the loser has to drink a glass of water
- if you say water in any language, you have to drink a glass of water
- if you point at someone else, you have to drink a glass of water
- if you burp out loud, you have to put your hand on your head and everyone does the same, and the last one to do this drinks a glass of water
- you can only go to the bathroom if you win a hand of spoons.

We use juice glasses and only fill them half-way.

When you need a quick, easy way to fill up time, water spoons is a fun choice. It's especially fun when your teenagers bring friends home, and they're a little awkward. This game is a great ice breaker!

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