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Friday, September 25, 2009

Moving Tips

It's Friday! Yeah! 

We've been moving this week, with the big stuff being moved on Saturday. Just thought I'd toss out a few moving tips that have helped me over the last few days. We are just moving 5 miles away, so some of these may or may not be relevant to your move.

- The first thing I did was to go over to the house and just look. I looked at the kitchen cabinets to determine where I wanted to put dishes, hot drinks/coffee maker/mugs, baking items, silverware, serving dishes, plastic items, etc.

By taking the time to think this out ahead of time, you're less likely to switch things around later, saving a bundle of time!

I looked at the office to see where I wanted to set up our desks, filing cabinets, printers, bookshelves, etc.

I looked in the master bedroom to see where to put the bed, dresser, etc. 

I looked at the rec room to determine where we would place the TV, do crafts, play games, etc.

And I looked at the living room to figure out which furniture would go there, and which furniture would go elsewhere.

- Next, I started sorting and packing. Some things will be living in different rooms in our new house than where they have lived here. So I packed together only items that were going to the same room - saves so much time and running!

- Each day we have filled our cars and taken a load over. Our kitchen is almost entirely unpacked. The kitchen and bedroom(s) are the most urgent to unpack in order for you to be functional. It has been hard work to do this every day, but so much less overwhelming than having an entire truck arrive with all of your stuff at the same time.

-  We are using different pieces of furniture for different uses, so we have swapped out items therein. When we move those pieces of furniture, they will be functional in the room where they live.

- As we have packed, we have labeled boxes with what is inside. Consequently, there will be some boxes we won't even open until later - seasonal/party items, etc.

- Since my specialty is downsizing, I have a plethora of bubble wrap - sheets of it, envelopes for small items, envelopes that are plate-sized. I'm even going to bubble wrap my couches and antique furniture to avoid damage. 

If you don't have bubble wrap, use anything other than newspaper! It leaves you and your belongings black, which means you have to wash everything! Not a chore you want to add when moving!

- Today I'm going to work on getting everything off the surfaces of the pieces of furniture that will be moved tomorrow. 

And I will put different colored stickers on each item that is going, so when it comes off the truck, it's obvious where it goes. At the garage entrance, I'll tape a guide of where each colored sticker goes. 

- We've already arranged for our phone, internet, and cable to be switched. After the move, we'll do change-of-addresses for our mail, drivers licenses, etc.

That's all for now - gotta get started on my day! :)

Do you have some moving tips that have worked for you? 

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