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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oliver's Labels

Good Morning! Our foster daughter of the week went home yesterday at 5 pm, and my good friend Margaret arrived about an hour later. When we both lived in Maryland, we would walk together in the mornings. My girls babysat her boys. This summer one of her boys is going to intern for Comfort's graphic design business. Wow! Time flies. What a treat to have Margaret here for a few days!

On to our blog ...

Oliver's Labels

I'm trying out Oliver's Labels. Specifically, I'm trying out Stick-eez clothing labels. I haven't really used labels lately, as my own kids are grown. But Oliver's Labels asked me if I'd review their labels and I do send things to Sara frequently via her headquarters office. I need to label those things. So why not?

So, to give them a test, I attached a Stick-eez label to the label of a towel and washed it in hot water, dried it, and inspected it. I didn't have to iron it on, I just stuck it on! Now that's a time saver! After the washer and dryer, that label didn't look like it would go anywhere for a very long time.

An amazing aspect of these labels is that there is a tracking number on each label. So if your daughter leaves her coat on the bus, the person who finds it can report it to Oliver's Labels, and Oliver's Labels will notify you! I'm thinking cell phone, laptop .... That's a time saver and a money saver.

There are a variety of cute designs for kids and even designer labels for adults. Oliver's Labels are also available for fundraisers - what a nice change from overpriced food! And if you need some extra cash, you can become an agent.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with these cute little labels. If you label your child's clothing/possessions or need some labels for yourself, save some time and use Stick-eez labels. There are iron-on labels, too, if you prefer. Click the link above for ordering info.

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