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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time Management Solutions - How to Discourage Tardiness

We have a couple of foster daughters who make others late. One has terrible organizational and time management skills. But both make others wait because of control and power issues. 

So I have decided on this strategy: when we designate a time when we must leave, if someone holds the rest of us up, that person must repay that amount of time to each person kept waiting. And ... the person(s) who was kept waiting gets to decide what the tardy person must do for her during those minutes.

So far, we've not had anyone be late. But I can imagine what nasty chores will be chosen when it does happen! LOL 

By knowing ahead of time the consequence of tardiness, people may be more considerate and not waste others' time. The tardy one will not be allowed to hold the rest hostage without recourse. 

And it takes some of the emotional stress out of the situation because there is a cost incurred when someone is late. By calmly noting the number of late minutes to be repaid, it is not necessary to escalate, taking the power away from the controlling person. 

One of the girls asked if it applies to us adults, and it does. As long as the girls do not  ask for things at the last minute that make us late.

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