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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Creating Decluttering Routines

Clutter got you down? Create a decluttering routine to tackle the job!

Set aside 15 minutes a day to tackle the area that is bothering you the most until you've conquered it. Don't forget to plan in regular times to maintain your order!

Now move on to the next area that needs attention and repeat.

If you prefer a one-shot approach, schedule in a decluttering time every Saturday  morning or every Thursday night, for example. Again, don't forget to think through how you will maintain your decluttered area.

This may mean changing your habits. Instead of throwing your mail on a pile, sort through the mail when you receive it. Recycle what you don't want, shred anything that may have sensitive information in it, place your bills where they should go, and file the rest in an action file.

In other words, think through why you got yourself in this mess to start with and what changes you need to make in your habits so you don't end up here again.

If you're having trouble with motivation, imagine how freeing it will be to have everything where it belongs! And how much time and money you will save by knowing where things are.

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