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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Simple Way to Stay Focused on Decluttering/Cleaning

Do you find yourself getting distracted when trying to clean or declutter? Do you stop to read through an old journal rather than find a home for it? Instead of cleaning your kitchen, do you find yourself organizing your spices?

There is nothing wrong with doing these activities. If your goal is to clean or declutter, however, they won't help you accomplish your goal.

An idea: use a timer. Carry it with you from room to room. Set it for a little less than what you think you need to complete the task, to discourage dawdling. 

I like knowing how long a task takes. Sometimes I find that a task I put off only takes five minutes - like unloading the dishwasher, or folding a basket of clothes. When I find out how little time it takes, I'm more likely to do it without procrastination.

How do you stay focused on your cleaning or decluttering?

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1 comment:

Comfort said...

I like to clean & declutter in small bits...like during commmercials. I end up being very efficient because I know I have a limited amount of time. And it doesn't even seem like I did anything because I was still enjoying my show.

I also like to take breaks when I am at the office for a "brain break". Cleaning/organizing/decluttering gives my brain a rest and refreshes me. I also time my breaks so that I don't get too distracted from the pressing projects at work.

I find that I come back to my projects with more energy and my brain is ready to focus again!