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Thursday, July 16, 2009

5-Minute Stress Relievers - Physical Activity

Yesterday Melody Warnick interviewed me for an article she is doing for Woman's Day magazine on relieving holiday stress. Her article will appear in the holiday issue in November.

So I have been thinking about 5-minute stress relievers lately. :)

As a Myers-Briggs personality profile facilitator, I am aware that different personalities find stress-relief in different ways. Some need physical activity. Others are soothed by music or wonderful aromas.
Gaining spiritual perspective is calming for those whose faith is foundational in their lives. Yet others get an urge to clean (not me, that's for sure!). There are many additional ways to relieve stress, as well.

So, I thought I might address this topic periodically over the next few weeks, each time focusing on one type of stress relief. Today we're going to talk about physical activity.

In general, physical activity is a fabulous release for pent-up emotions, tension and stress. We'll be concentrating on activities you can do in five minutes - whether at work or at home - for a quick break.

1. Take a walk at a moderate pace with your shoulders back. Breathe deeply and exhale slowly. One of the many benefits of deep breathing is that it lowers your blood pressure.

2. Do push ups or sit ups. Feel the tension roll off with each rep. Just a few minutes gets your blood pumping and rejuvenates your energy.

3. Climb up and down a few flights of stairs. When your mind is getting numb, a change of scenery and elevating your heart rate release stress and give you renewed mental energy.

4. Go outside and take a five-minute run. Being outdoors plus exertion provide an outlet for nervous energy as well as a fresh outlook on your task at hand.

5. If your muscles are tense, lie in bed or on the floor and stretch out your muscles - one by one from head to toe.

6. Ask someone to massage your back, neck, shoulders or head. Return the favor.

7. Get down on the floor and play with your child or your pet. Just not right before your child's bedtime!

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