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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Organizing Your Time Can Cut Costs

By planning ahead, you can cut some pretty significant costs - and who wouldn't like some extra cash these days? According to Lauren Baier Kim of the Wall Street Journal Online, there are several ways to cut your daily costs.

- By making your own cup of coffee ($.50) rather than ordering the fancy ones ($3)each day, you can save $912 a year. And really when you think about it, is it really a time saver? It takes less time to brew coffee, especially if you're doing something else at the same time or have it on a timer, than waiting in line and then waiting for your coffee to be made.

- If you pack your lunch from last night's leftovers, you can save $4 to $10 a day you would spend on lunch. This adds up to $1460 to $3650 a year!

- By doing your own lawn care, you can save from $1040 to $4680 a year, estimating $20-40 a cut, with leaf blowing and other care extra. Of course it will cost to fuel and maintain your mower.

- Doing your own nails saves the weekly $10-20 cost of a manicure, adding up to $520-1040 per year.

The trade off for each of these is your time and planning ahead. But with a little forethought and some work, you can save yourself a bundle!

For more ideas on cutting costs, read the rest of Kim's article.

What are you doing to cut costs?

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