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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Decluttering in Three

The March 4 issue of Woman's Day magazine (www.womansday.com) suggests decluttering jobs you can do during three-minute commercials:

"- Pick one spot in the room to declutter: a drawer, a shelf, or a tabletop.

- Gather together DVDs or video games left on top of the television, on the coffee table or on the floor and put them all back in their proper places.

- Cut your stack of magazines down to size. Quickly go through the pile and pull out old issues that can be tossed.

- Take any empty glasses and cups back into the kitchen and put them in the sink to wash later.

- Get your kids in on the cleanup with a game of beat-the-clock. Whenever a commercial comes on, have them put away as many strewn toys as possible before the television show resumes."