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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cleverness of Coffee Filters

Real Simple Magazine listed some pretty clever uses for coffee filters, saving both time and money. I use cone-shaped coffee filters, but this makes me want to go out and buy a supply of the cupcake-shaped ones!

Here are some of the ideas I liked:

- Use a coffee filter to soften the flash on your camera for close-ups by placing it over the flash.

- Serve popcorn or other snacks in coffee filters. They are disposable - no clean up!

- Use a coffee filter as a protective covering when you are microwaving leftovers to avoid a mess.

- Place a coffee filter in the bottom of a flowerpot to prevent the soil from leaking out the hole in the bottom of the pot.

- Place flattened coffee filters between fine china or other dishes to prevent scratches when they are stacked.

- Prevent popsicle drips by sliding the stick through a coffee filter.

- Wrap a coffee filter around a pita sandwich for a "to go" option.

- Use coffee filters to clean windows or glass instead of paper towels. They leave no lint or fuzzies on the glass.

Have you discovered other uses for coffee filters?

Source: 101 New Uses for Everyday Things by James Baigrie

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