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Monday, August 5, 2013

How Clutter Affects Your Health

Had a lovely weekend doing some babysitting for our granddaughter and helping our daughter rethink her office. Got some new herb plants at our local farmer's market - so excited! I love having my own herbs!

Changing the subject drastically, we're going to look at how clutter affects your health. Robin Westen, medical director for ThirdAge has written the following article on that topic:

"There’s a good chance if you’re living with a lot of clutter, you realize somewhere in your psyche that it’s disrupting your life. It might be tough to find essential items, or the mess might be taking up valuable living space. But did you know your excessive clutter could also be hurting your health? Here are some problems you could be letting yourself in for:

Loneliness Countless studies show close friendships and socialization keep us healthy and youthful. If your home is so disorganized you’re ashamed to invite people over, you could end up living in unhealthy isolation.

Exhaustion Do you feel like you just don’t have the energy to clear out the clutter? Well, the reason you’re constantly feeling fatigued could be the result of the stagnant energy that accumulates around the objects causing you to feel lethargic. Just looking at it can bring on an overwhelming sense of weariness.

Depression When your available space is filled, it’s impossible to find the psychic room to bring anything new and exciting into your life. You may feel stuck with the same old problems that have brought you down for a long time. Clearing your clutter gives you a good starting point to deal with your problems and move forward.
Negative Reactions The truth is, people treat you the way you treat yourself. So if you value yourself and look after yourself, people will treat you well. If you allow the junk to mount up around you, you may attract people who mistreat you in some way because subconsciously you will feel that’s what you deserve.

Weight Gain Studies show people who have lots of clutter in their homes have a greater likelihood of being overweight. Psychologists suspect this is because body fat and clutter are forms of self-protection. By building layers of fat or clutter around yourself, subconsciously you may believe you’re protecting yourself from life’s disappointments or tragedies.

Distraction When you live surrounded by stuff, how can you have clarity about what you’re doing in life? There’s a good chance once you clear it, making life decisions will become easier and more focused.

Stress The stress experienced from excessive clutter can seriously impact health by helping to cause reduced immunity, sleeplessness, heart disease, gum disease, memory loss, obsessive-compulsive disorder, cancer, and more.


Poor Nutrition If you’re stocking your pantry with canned and processed goods, or expired products, it impacts your health. In addition, if your kitchen is disorganized and cluttered, you’ll be less motivated to cook and more likely to stop for fast food or eat out. In fact, there might be little or no space left on your counter for cutting fresh fruits and vegetables."

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