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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Organizing for the Visual Person - Calendars

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm working with a visual person to organize her office. The important thing to remember if you're a visual person or you're working or living with a visual person: things need to be seen to be remembered. We talked about using magazine file boxes as a way to keep action items visible yet pleasing to the eye.

Today we're going to talk about calendars. One helpful option is for visual people to keep a large wall or desk calendar to remind them of upcoming events. It also allows the people they are working or living with to see what's ahead, too.

A spiral or notebook type planner is a viable choice, too, if it's large enough not to get lost or overlooked. That planner should accompany the visual person everywhere, so the calendar can be referred to and updated continuously.

Another option is using a cell phone calendar. The key for the visual person is to set alarms for calendar items. If an alarm is not set, the visual person may not remember to look at his/her phone calendar.

If you are someone you love is a visual person, it's critical to keep important items in the line of sight as attractively as possible. Visual people are motivated by beauty and color. And it's important to keep surroundings as clutter-free as possible, as clutter screams for attention, creating distraction - for everyone, but even more so for the visual person.

Have you found solutions that work for visual people?

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