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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - Living Intentionally - A Year of Growth

January is a great time to look ahead to the year and consider potential areas of growth for yourself and for your children, if applicable. I would not suggest considering growth areas for your spouse! :) 

Here are some possibilities: 

 - Are you being held back because of a lack of knowledge in a particular area? 

 - Do you need to get further training in order to be more effective? 

- Is there an area you are eager to pursue, adding to your personal or professional toolbelt? 

- Are there some life skills you need or want to work on - communication, boundaries, time management, parenting, ball room dancing, technical/computer skills or programs, etc.? 

- Is there an area in which you'd like to expand your knowledge? 

As you pinpoint an area or two, consider how you might pursue growth in this area - a class, a mentor, reading a book, coaching, for example. Figure out how you can fit this into your budget and schedule. 

Growth is invigorating and inspiring! My personal opinion: growth is necessary for a positive self image. Don't be tempted to short-change yourself. 

For myself, I'm going to pursue a business idea that got sidelined. I'm going to try another method of getting it off the ground, thanks to the advice of some special people. If we can figure out a way to make it work, I'll march ahead! And I'll let you know about it soon. 

If you have children, think through areas in which they may need to grow. For example, when we had teenage foster daughters in our home, I tried to work on manners. Most of them came from homes where manners were lacking, and I wanted to prepare them for adult life where they might be hindered by poor manners. They didn't appreciate it very much, but I told them they would need to know what to do when they were invited to the White House for dinner! 

 As you consider areas of growth for your children, look at the needs of each individual child. Make sure to select areas that are age appropriate for each child, not expecting them to function at a higher level than they are capable. Try to make it fun, and reward a job well done. 

Being intentional about growing keeps you fresh and vibrant! 

What areas do you want to pursue this year?  

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