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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clever Organizing Tips from Woman's Day Magazine

When I went to the gynecologist yesterday, I forgot to take my book - horrors! And then the receptionist came out and told us our appointments were running an hour late!! Double nightmare!

So I picked up the July copy of Woman's Day magazine. Right on the front was a headline for organizing tips on page 104. It seems that these days all women's magazines are not only required to feature the latest diet, the most decadent chocolate dessert, but organizing tips, too!

These were clever and I don't think I've mentioned them before
(I'm sorry I didn't remember to note the names of the organizers mentioned in the article!):

- Lost and found. Be it a basket, crate or box, designate a location for items you find around the house and don't know what they are, what they are for or whose they are.

- Fix-it basket. Place those little fix-it jobs in a basket and tackle them while watching TV or on the phone. By having a designated place for such tasks, they are not forgotten, and you can find them easily when you're ready to multi-task.

- Pending file. This is for items you've ordered and haven't received, for example. Print up the relevant information and drop it in the file. Then you don't forget about your order, and have the info if your order gets lost. Great for refunds, rebates and returns, as well.

- Keep extra bank deposit slips (the generic ones without your account number on it) and coupons in your glove box. Then they're available when you need them.

- Keep your fridge smelling fresh by either placing cotton balls soaked in vanilla in an open jar in your fridge or placing unused coffee grounds in an open container in your fridge.

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