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Monday, July 5, 2010

Organizing Summer Fun When Everyone is Bored: A Tacky Party

Hope you had a nice Fourth! We went swimming, continued the fun by coming home and having a water balloon fight, and s'mores for dinner last night! Just by saying that the s'mores were for dinner made it deliciously naughty because you're not supposed to do that! On to more fun ...

A tacky party works best with a large group. We've done this with our daughters' youth groups and soccer team.

Here's how it works: take everyone to the thrift store. Give them $5 to spend (or have them bring $5) to find the tackiest outfit. Come home, have them change into their outfits. Take them bowling in their tackiness. 

We did this once with a youth group of about 30-40 kids. People stopped and stared when we entered the bowling alley. 

We did it here with four foster girls, too. Not quite the show-stopper, though. They thought we were from the clown university! LOL!

Give prizes at the end of the event. 

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