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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Local Crime Prevention Classes - Today and Tomorrow

Another opportunity to prepare for your own safety!

"Refuse to be a Victim" taught by Jim Orndorf, is being offered by the Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Department.

Participants will learn:
- strategies that will help avoid situations where self defense is required
- how to be proactive rather than reactive
- how to create a personalized safety plan
- safety strategies
- how to use your internet service provider's parental control options.

Today's class (September 24) is from 6 to 10 pm and tomorrow's class (September 25) is from 12:30 to 4:30 pm. Registration is $2 for residents and $4 for nonresidents. Classes are held at the Quirk Center.

National Preparedness Month – Evacuation from Work, School, Daycare, and Neighborhood Communities

Yesterday we talked about creating evacuation plans from home. Today we’re going to look at evacuating from places you and family members frequent: work, school, daycare, adult daycare, and living communities (apartments, neighborhoods, etc.).

Consider volunteering to set up evacuation plans if none exist. As at home, having an evacuation plan for other locations will help you and family members reunite with the least amount of chaos. These plans should be communicated clearly and practiced.

Homeland Security suggests “if you are a parent, or guardian of an elderly or disabled adult, make sure schools and daycare providers have emergency response plans.

- Ask how they will communicate with families during a crisis.
- Ask if they store adequate food, water and other basic supplies.
- Find out if they are prepared to "shelter-in-place" if need be, and where they plan to go if they must get away.”

http://www.ed.gov/emergencyplan for school emergency plans.

Ready Kids for kid-friendly emergency information.

If you are an employer, visit Ready Business to make sure you are prepared for an evacuation, sheltering your employees, and related topics.

Visit Homeland Security’s
Neighborhoods and Apartments section and Citizen Corps for community plans.

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Source: National Preparedness Month