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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Winterizing your garden

It's time to think about winterizing your garden, depending on when cold weather arrives in your area. Here in Ohio, we're looking at some cooler weather in a day or two after unusually warm days. So it's time to think about getting ready. My husband drained the hose and rolled it up on its carrier and stored it in the garage.

We're hoping to get one last coat of paint on the fence before cold weather hits. We've taken out the tomato plants and annual flowers, shored up the raspberry bushes, replanted some carnations I started this year, fertiziled the grass (this is the best time to do it - not spring), and trimmed down some of the perennial flowers.

You may want to put winter tools (shovels, snow blowers, etc. closer to the front of your garage and place gardening supplies and tools toward the back. We'll eventually move our patio table into the garage.

Some of my herbs have been prolific, so I'm trying my hand at drying them. A friend suggested cutting the herbs, washing them off, banding them with rubber bands (so that when they dry out and decrease in size they don't fall down), and hang them upside down in an area with lots of ventilation. My kitchen has a peg board above a wide doorway, which hopefully will be a perfect spot.

I'm hoping to give my home-made dried herbs as Christmas gifts to friends and family. I'll keep you posted.