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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is Clutter Putting a Strain on Your Relationships?

Hope you had a nice weekend! Our girls were out of school yesterday for President's Day. Today will be the first day our new girl will be riding the bus to her school - yay! So we now have four girls going to three schools. Crazy, huh? Now on to our blog for today ...

I came across the following article
by Kijiji (an ebay-type business), about how clutter can strain relationships. Thought you might enjoy it!

"Battle of the Sexes

Whether it's a pair of designer shoes or a set of golf clubs, unused items can clutter up a home quickly – and can lead to a battle of the sexes. The survey found that 40% of women and 31% of men choose to hoard unused items. Regardless of whether you're fighting over valuable closet space or the money wasted on items that simply sit around, both men and women complain that their partner's unused items clutter up the home. In fact, 27% of men and 17% of women admit that their significant other's unused items cause some of the greatest conflicts in their relationship.

Making Some Sense

In light of these findings, below are a few tips to help couples put away their household differences. Despite your partner's reasoning for keeping an item, there's always a solution available. Below are a few tips to help you successfully negotiate the most common excuses:

- "I might use this again."

Nearly half of Americans, 46% of men and 49% of women, convince themselves that they will use an item again someday, despite the odds that it's probably not true. If your partner insists that the item in question is usable, negotiate a time frame for him or her to do so. For example, if they don't ride the bicycle in the garage by next summer, then it's time to sell it.

- "These remind me of..."

We all know people who become emotionally attached to their belongings, and with 14% of men and 18% of women admitting to keeping unused items simply for sentimental reasons, it's no wonder their living spaces are cluttered! Whether it's an afghan that your great aunt knitted or a college T-shirt reminding you of your glory days, there are certain things that are simply difficult to part with. Allow yourself to keep a few special items, as long as you have the space for them. Then, set aside some time during a weekend to go through the other items that you don't plan to keep and take photos of them. Once they're sorted and you have a reminder photo of each, consider selling them online to clear out space while making some extra money in the process.

- "I have no time to clean."

Instead of trying to tackle your entire house at once, commit to decluttering one area or room at a time. By working on your closet one day and your garage the following weekend, you'll get the job done without tiring yourself out, and it'll be easier to accomplish your goals once they're not so overwhelming. Items that you simply aren't using should be sorted into "trash" and "sell" piles. You'll be surprised at how much extra money you have sitting around the house in the form of unused old toys, appliances and sporting goods!

Converting to Cents

Not only can decluttering together help your relationship by alleviating stress, but it can also help you to make extra money in the process by reselling the items you no longer use. Whether it's a kitchen appliance, a handbag or a set of golf clubs, these are all items that can easily be sold online."

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