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Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Let Clutter Create a Fire Hazard

Every winter you read about people dying in house fires. I've already seen several such articles this fall associated with clutter - the houses have been so full of clutter the resident can't get out of the house and the emergency crews can't find the resident. And many times there is no working smoke detector.

Gruesome topic, isn't it? If you know someone whose clutter is becoming a fire and/or safety hazard, try to arrange for some help before it gets out of hand. There are professional organizers who specialize in hoarding - not only the aspects of decluttering, but the psychological aspects as well. The National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization offers referrals and assistance.

As we've discussed before, this is not an easy problem to tame and it usually requires professional help. But a working smoke detector is an easy step. Being a foster home, our house must be inspected every year by the fire department. They have even installed free smoke detectors! Check with your local fire department to see what services they provide if you or someone you know needs help in this area.

October is the month to change your batteries in your existing smoke detectors. If you know someone who may have difficulty changing their batteries, why not offer a hand?

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