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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three Ways to Keep Your Disposal Clog-Free

The following advice comes from the best of the best: fellow organizers. If you ever need an organizer, visit NAPO or Faithful Organizers. So, here's the skinny on keeping your disposal clog-free:

1. Put the stopper in your sink and fill it with water. Take the stopper out and turn on the disposal and faucet at the same time. You can also put a piece of citrus fruit down the drain during the process to make it smell wonderful! Do this on a weekly basis.

2. Fill the chamber above the disposal with as many ice cubes as possible. Squirt them with dishwashing soap and turn on the cold water. Run the disposal until all the ice is crushed.

3. Pour as much baking soda down the disposal as possible, followed with vinegar. (I'm assuming that you're running the disposal at the same time.)

My plumber told me to never put these things down the disposal: rice, carrot and potato skins, and leaves: lettuce, spinach, etc. Rice will harden and act like cement. Skins and leaves are too light to go down and through the disposal.

There's nothing like having a sink full of gross water that won't drain, with company on the way! Not to mention having to wait for and pay a plumber! Save yourself the headache and try one or all of these home remedies!

Do you have similar home remedies?

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