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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prioritizing According to Energy Level

As you may know, in addition to being a professional organizer, I work part-time as an administrative assistant for a small corporation here in Bozeman, MT. My hours are flexible, which allows me to set my own schedule most of the time.

For a while, I'd go in early so I would have the rest of the day free to pursue my organizing business. I found, however, as a morning person, that I had spent most of my energy and motivation, and had little left for writing or marketing.

So I decided to change my schedule to fit my peak energy times. I now spend early mornings writing and researching, which requires my peak energy. I go into the office around 10 am and do tasks that require less energy output comparitively. When I return home, I'm ready to relax and think about dinner.

I have also chosen to work four days a week. That gives me Friday and Saturday to do organizing projects. I'm still building my business here in Bozeman, so I'm not overly scheduled. So for now, this arrangement is working for me. And if I need to, I can organize during the afternoons and evenings during the week. Even though it's not my peak mental energy time, organizing comes so naturally to me, it's not hard for me to do it at that time. 

So what about you? When is your peak energy time? Which of your tasks require your best mental and/or physical energy? Even if you don't have a flexible schedule, endeavor to find ways match your peak energy level to tasks that require peak energy. Try not to use your peak energy on tasks that don't require it. Save those mundane tasks for times when your energy is waning.

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