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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Cleaning the Attic - Part 3

Now that you've decluttered and sorted, you're ready to look at your storage needs for your attic.

Look at each category to see what would best house those items. Do you need large clear storage containers for linens? Do you need small boxes for books? Do you need a place to hang out-of-season clothes? Do you need shelves, drawers, hooks, etc?

Before you go out and purchase storage containers, look around your house, basement, garage, etc. to see if you already have such storage. You may have an unused dresser that would work for storage if it were moved up to the attic, for example.

Label each container with the contents so when you're hunting for something, you don't need to open every container. If you are using clear storage containers, write
your list on a piece of paper and slide it down the side of the container so you can read it without opening the box.

Storage containers usually go on sale during the back-to-school sales in late summer and around Christmas, when you can pick up those ornament storage containers with dividers.