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Monday, July 9, 2012

Refocus Each Morning - ADHD or Not

I have been doing some business coaching with a client who has ADHD. He likes to process verbally, so we meet together at the beginning of each day. This is what we do:

- Review what happened the previous day.

- Look at today's schedule to see what is coming up.

- Determine the priorities for the day.

- Prioritize the tasks: which is the most important and the most urgent, second most important and urgent, etc.

- Schedule less important and urgent tasks later during the week.

- We also evaluate to see if strategies are working.

- And at times, we brainstorm to solve problems and come up with new ideas. 

My client's busiest time is at the end of his day, so he likes to refocus in the morning during his less busy time. By going through this process, he is able to stay focused during the day. And knowing I'm going to show up each day motivates him to stay on task. :)

I absolutely LOVE helping him be more effective, and we're starting to see our efforts pay off. 

You can do the same thing, too! If you prefer, going through this process at the end of your day might be even more effective, as you'll be poised to jump start your day tomorrow. 

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