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Monday, March 26, 2012

Three Areas to Swap Out This Spring

It's that time of year again to swap out seasonal items. I can think of at least three areas to address:

1. Clothing - swap out your winter clothes for spring and summer clothes. If you store your summer clothes elsewhere than your bedroom closet, it's time to switch. If all your clothes are in your closet, make your spring and summer clothing more accessible and winter clothing less accessible. Don't forget to keep out some transitional items for those cool days.
2. Garage - bring your summer gear nearer the garage door and put your winter gear in the back. You'll want your mower and gardening supplies available and hopefully we're done with snow and ice for a while. You may want to change the oil in your mower and top off your gas can.

3. Car - if you keep an extra change of clothes for your children in your car, you might want to change from winter clothes to summer ones. You can put away the ice scraper, and toss some frisbees and summer toys into the trunk.

While you're at it, you may want to clean out the freezer and make one last pot of soup. Make room for summer ices and sorbets!

Hopefully, we're not too premature on this swap. The whole country seems to be having an early spring. Here's hoping winter is over!

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