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Friday, November 5, 2010

Planning Your Weekend

Each Friday I look on Ohio.com for entertainment ideas. It lists what's going on in the area - both free and otherwise. I then make four lists of options I think are worth doing  - one for each girl. The girls vote, then I tally the results and plan the weekend.

On the list I include things to do out, things to do at home, exercise, crafts, games, etc. Since we're getting close to Christmas, I'm including some things they can make for their friends and family - jewelry, food, lip balm, pillows, etc.

I keep a list on my computer of places to go around here, crafts to do, exercise options, etc., so when I'm brain dead I can refer to the list and come up with some ideas.  

In addition, I came across 100 Things To Do During a Money Free Weekend over at Simple Dollar - another source of creative ideas. 

Scour your area for resources that list local activities and events. If I hadn't looked on Ohio.com, we would have missed the Duct Tape Parade and Festival where all the floats were made with duct tape - so fun and creative!! Or we wouldn't know that Akron Art Museum offers free admission each first Sunday of the month - a request from one of our girls this weekend.

Tonight I think we're going to have a Mystery Night - a unique dinner topped off with an episode of the new Sherlock Holmes series on PBS that we recorded. 

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