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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Organizing Your Christmas Spending

It's so easy to overspend at Christmas! Here's a method I use to avoid that problem.

First, I determine those for whom I'll purchase several gifts. I start with a single sheet of paper. I write each person's name on a different section of the paper, leaving enough room below the name to list expenditures. 

When I purchase something for one of the people on my  list, I write down the amount, and the item and/or the store where I purchased it. Not only does it help me keep track of expenditures, but the items purchased so I can make sure I've put everything on my list. 

Some people recommend keeping a notebook from year to year to track gifts and expenditures. Frankly, my life isn't that complicated. And I like being able to fold up my paper and slip it into my wallet, so it's with me all the time.

You can also list on your paper others for whom you need to shop, and your budget for each person. Everything is on one sheet of paper and you're more likely to live in reality when you write it down.

You can also track your purchases on your phone and eliminate the piece of paper.

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