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Thursday, May 28, 2009

9 Ways to Enhance Your Health by Being Organized

Good Morning! I mentioned yesterday that I'm on a quest to eat balanced meals without going to the grocery store, thereby using up things in my fridge, freezer and pantry. I came across a salad recipe yesterday that used up my snap peas and strawberries and calls for mint from my garden. I'll share it tomorrow. Now on to our blog ...

9 Ways to Enhance Your Health by Being Organized

Being organized and good health (physical, emotional and mental) - are they related? My vote is yes! Your life is enriched in many ways by organizing your time and your space.

When your time is well organized, you are intentional about scheduling in those things that contribute toward your total health:

1. Sleep. Sleep deprivation causes roller-coaster emotions, inferior frontal lobe function (decision-making), weight gain, slow reaction time, a disrupted immune system, inability to cope with stress, depression, heart disease, hypertension, slurred speech and tremors. See my blog entitled Sleep is Non-Negotiable! for more details and sources.

2. Exercise. Besides the obvious benefits of exercise (building muscles, exercising your heart and lungs, burning calories, enhancing flexibility, etc.), exercise boosts your mood and helps you sleep, if you don't exercise right before bedtime. It also does great things for your skin, as sweat cleanses your pores.

3. Planning meals. By taking the time to plan meals, you are likely to eat more healthily. You're not as likely to opt for whatever is easiest because you're tired. You have a plan, you have the food in your fridge, you've knocked down those hurdles that stand in the way of good eating! By shopping only once a week (instead of every afternoon and picking up whatever looks good and is easy!), you're saving time and money in addition to your health!

4. Doing what matters. By identifying and guarding your priorities, stress decreases because you know when to say yes and when to say no to new opportunities. You are less likely to become overcommitted, overscheduled, and burned out.

5. Growing. By taking time to learn new things, pursue hobbies, and feed yourself, your brain remains flexible and young. You are less likely to develop Alzheimer's.

6. Cleaning. When you plan in time to clean on a regular basis, your home doesn't harbor germs, mold, and other irritants.


When your space is organized and free of clutter:

7. Your mind is able to focus because you are not distracted by visual clutter.

8. Stress decreases.

- You know where your bills are and you pay them on time.
- You don't lose important items.
- When your home is clutter-free, it removes the emotional heaviness of visual clutter. - You don't lose sleep over lost or forgotten items.
- You can entertain without panic because your home is in order and clean!

9. You are less likely to fall or trip over clutter.

Who knew organization and health were so intertwined? If you are overwhelmed, start small and see what a positive impact it makes!

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