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Friday, June 18, 2010

Organizing Summer Fun When Everyone is Bored: Guess the Theme Day

Summertime can seem long and you can quickly run out of ideas. Here's another in my series of things to do when everything seems boring:

Guess-the-Theme Day

Think of a theme and do several activities that go with that theme. The kids have to guess what the theme is. 

Here are some ideas that work in our area, and may give you some ideas for your area. The number of activities you include will depend on the age of your children.

1. Birds - go to the Nature Realm and feed the birds, zoo, have chicken for dinner, pet store, build a bird house, etc.

2. Goodyear Day - Goodyear Museum, Goodyear Park, anything with tires or rubber.

3. Italian Day -  Tour of Hower House (Italian mansion), plant basil, go to an Italian festival, go to DeVitis & Sons and buy ingredients for an Italian dinner, cook an Italian dinner together, Italian ice for dessert.

4. Sky Day – Maps Air Museum, planetarium, lay on your backs and find cloud pictures, fly kites, NASA.

5. Oatmeal day - oatmeal for breakfast, Mustill Store - listen to the docent talk about it being the first place where oatmeal was made, tour of Quaker Square where you can buy their famous oatmeal cookies, make oatmeal mask for face and feet.

6. Bridges - drive and/or walk over several kinds of bridges - best if other things are going on at the bridge so it's not so obvious.

Again, this is just something I thought of when everything else seemed boring at the time. You can create your own theme days, too. Start with some local attractions or landmarks and try to think of other activities that would contribute to your theme.

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