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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recovering from the Holidays - Give Yourself Some Grace

Did you know that this week is supposed to be the most depressing week of the year? Not surprising with short days and more darkness, holiday decorations to put away, family and friends have gone home, we've had time to abandon our New Year's resolutions already, and it's cold for many of us!

But instead of getting depressed, give yourself some grace.

Our daughter left yesterday for her work in Kazakhstan, and we won't see her for another year or two. We were so happy to have the unexpected pleasure of having her here over the holidays. I wanted to savor the time she was here, and didn't want to fill it with chores like taking down the decorations.

I also wanted to wait to send out a New Year's letter (instead of a Christmas letter) because she didn't arrive until Christmas Eve and I wanted to include a family picture. I've written the letter, but didn't want to take up our valuable time sending it out. Same thing with thank you notes.

But I made my choices with my priorities in mind. And I'm sure you did, too! So if you have a stockpile of things to do, don't despair! Just give yourself some grace to get them done!

Parcel them out and put them on your calendar. If your chores are overwhelming, tackle them in 15-minute spurts. You can do anything for 15 minutes! Just getting started creates momentum!

We can also be intentional about driving out the winter blahs. Some suggestions:                        
- do something you've never done before
- go somewhere you've not been before, even if it's just a road you've never driven down
- get some exercise
- get some sun
- get lost in a good book
- listen to your favorite music
- visit or call a good friend
- volunteer.

What do you do to combat the winter blahs?

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