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Monday, March 23, 2009

How Sour Candies can Impair Your Efficiency

Good Morning!

We had a nice weekend with our foster daughter for the week. Even got in some spring cleaning in the kitchen - ceiling, walls, baseboards, ceiling fan, and light fixtures. Still have to do windows, the oven, and oiling the cabinets. Only took us about an hour and a half with three of us working!

So what do sour candies have to do with efficiency? ...

How Sour Candies can Impair Your Efficiency

The spring 2009 edition of Brush Up by HumanaDental.com warns about the lasting effect sour candies can have on your teeth:

"Walk down any candy aisle and you'll find shelves of "extreme" or intense sour and fruit-flavor candies. While the craze is popular with young children, experts say it could have a lasting effect on their teeth. Extremely sour candies are high in acids that can strip away teeth's protective surface, according to the Minnesota Dental Association.

Here's some advice when eating sour candies:

> Rinse right away. Swishing water in your mouth after eating a candy helps wash away the acid.

> Wait 30 minutes to brush. The acid of a sour candy softens the fragile surface of the teeth. Brushing immediately could cause damage.

> Skip fruit flavors. Lemon, grape, and cherry destroy more enamel than cinnamon and mind, which are lower in acid.

> Skip to sugar-free gum. It can satisfy your oral urge while stimulating saliva flow, which protects enamel."

So how does this affect your efficiency? By avoiding sour candies, you and/or your children will reduce the number of visits to the dentist. This will prevent interruptions to your schedule and productivity. It will also eliminate the number of hours you would have had to work to pay for such visits. So it becomes cost-efficient as well.

Who knew the power that sour candies could have over our lives? :)

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