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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Organized Month 2009 - Declutter Your Wallet/Purse

Here's a while-you-wait task: while riding in the car, waiting for an appointment, etc. Declutter your wallet by removing any excess receipts. Toss the ones you no longer need and file or record the ones you need to keep. Remove expired credit cards and shred them. Other people's business cards can be filed or recorded if you don't need them in your wallet. And toss expired coupons or other clutter.

Go through your purse and empty it of trash and unnecessary items. Use smaller bags or organizers to house like items. Then you'll be able to find what you need at a glance!

Other while-you-wait decluttering tasks: the car (when you and other family members get out, ask them to pick up whatever trash they see - whether it's theirs or not!); briefcase; diaper bag; book bag.

What decluttering tasks do you do while you wait? If you receive this blog by email and want to comment, this link will take you back to my blog.)

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