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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reorganizing the Office

As you may recall, I recently got a new laptop for my business. I was hoping to rid myself of my desktop computer, but have found that there are some files on that computer that didn't translate well onto my mac. So I'm going to have to keep both.

It has been bothering me for some time, as things were messy - my desk had been set up with everything at my fingertips. But my laptop doesn't fit on my desk. So I got a little laptop desk and used it at one of the comfortable chairs in my office.

However, nothing was at my fingertips as the chair was across the room. So things got messy, as they were harder to put away and I had no place for work in progress. But I couldn't come up with a good plan for rearranging my office, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.

So, I just left it, and one day an idea hit me. Haven't you had that happen? You stop thinking about a problem and the solution comes to you when you least expect it! Even though I was frustrated to leave the problem unsolved, I knew the answer would pop up some time.

We rearranged the office furniture a little and my laptop desk could fit at right angles at one end of my desk. It's a tight squeeze, but it's acceptable. Not worthy of HGTV, but acceptable. Once again I have everything at my fingertips with both computers within reach. It's so much easier to be organized when everything I need is close at hand.

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