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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Get Organized Month - Clean out the Freezer

Today's job is a big one - cleaning out the freezer. It's invigorating to get rid of old stuff and have a fresh start!!

First, take everything out and stack in like piles. Store your piles in dishpans while cleaning out the freezer, if you wish. If your freezer needs to be defrosted, this is the time. Ugh! You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. (I have also used a hair dryer to unfreeze my ice maker on several occasions! Saves a housecall from the plumber.)

Have your trash can handy while pulling stuff out of the freezer. If it has freezer burn, you don't know what it is, or it's been there for a while - toss it!!

Now to organize. You can use plastic covered wire baskets, which work in both your fridge freezer and chest or upright freezer. You can find these at Stack and Stacks (www.stacksandstacks.com/html/11228_storage-basket.htm) for $11.99 and $17.99 depending on the size. One reviewer said she could fit four of the smaller ones in her fridge freezer.

I used to use crates in my chest freezer to hold like items. But they're too heavy when full to move around easily. If you don't want to spend the money on the wire baskets, visit the dollar store and use dishpans for your large freezer and small plastic baskets or crates for your fridge freezer. Two dishpans fit perfectly sideways in my chest freezer and they're easy to stack and move around.

As you are replacing items in your freezer, make those items you use often more accessible, with the oldest items most accessible so you'll use them first.

That was a big job!! You should give yourself a standing ovation!!